by Josh Jackai

"Yoga taught me to love me. This might sound cliché, but it’s true. That’s why I love yoga."

If you are from Vancity you know full well Yoga is deeply embedded in our culture. This past month we got the pleasure to know Cam Lee, a Yogi, Fitness Model, Content Creator and of course, a Vancity Original. Check out the Q&A interview with Cam Lee to get an in depth insight on Vancity's yoga scene and her take on "Power Flow" and "Slow Yin" practices.

What's your background and occupation?

My name is Cam Lee, and I’m a content creator. My path to this occupation hasn’t followed the conventional trajectory, but that’s what I love about following your passions. I graduated from university with a degree in Electronics Engineering, yet I always had a passion for healthy living, self-care, and channeling my creative interests. Over the years, I found a way to morph my skills and interests, eventually landing me where I am today.

What inspired you to start doing yoga, and what compelled you to share that interest on social media?

I’ve always been drawn towards yoga. I was first exposed to yoga prior to its explosion in popularity. The only problem was that, unlike now, there weren’t yoga studios everywhere - I used to borrow yoga DVDs from the library and simply practice at home in front of the TV.

I started social media by accident. My first platform was Tumblr, and I used it as a site to post my yoga class listings and schedule. I had no idea that it was a space where people were re-posting and pinning my photos.

With Yoga being such a prominent part of Vancouver culture, what types of yoga are most popular?

Vancouver is such an active city, and there are so many ways to get fit. I think yoga has really thrived here because of the feeling that people get when they leave a yoga class - they simply feel calm and refreshed. People are drawn towards this amazing feeling, and they keep coming back. We’re really lucky to have such awesome teachers and studios in this city, which makes it so easy to do yoga. There are so many types of yoga, it’s really hard to choose. Two that I love are on the opposite ends of the spectrum: “power flow” classes really stoke the body’s fire and get a good lather going, while a slow yin practice opens up tight spots and has some amazing meditative aspects.

Where are your favorite places to do Yoga?

My favorite place? I would have to say my apartment! That’s why yoga is so great - whether it’s your favorite studio, the outdoors, or at home, you can do it basically anywhere.

We read in one of your captions that you are a pretty thrifty traveler when you are on your journeys. What is it that you are trying to discover?

I travel because I always love discovering something new. Whether I’m searching for something within myself, exploring foreign landscapes, or learning from new cultures around the world, there’s really nothing that beats traveling.

What are some of the greatest lessons that Yoga has taught you and why are they significant?

Yoga taught me to love me. This might sound cliché, but it’s true. That’s why I love yoga. Sure, the physical benefits are great, but I am really drawn to the way yoga allows me to meditate and reflect on things that are truly important to me.

What are your ultimate goals with your work in Yoga?

I just want people to be able to feel comfortable and confident in their own body. 

If you like to know more about Cam Lee you can check her out on IG @camleeyoga or visit