by Vancity Original®

Our good friend, Ormando, one of the biggest Backwoods aficionados in Canada and artist from Toronto teamed up to bring a unique piece to life with Vancity Original®.

Ormando’s art was created using saved Backwoods packs that have been collected from around the world and are distinctively known for their unique packaging and wide variety of flavours.

"My art is like making pizza with love.” - Ormando

Naturally, the Vancity Original® Team goes sky high for a serendipitous photo shoot.  Enjoy some of our smoky captures...

Model: @nchillyy

Photos: @junglesworld

Lighting and smoke: Don Chron

Location: Undisclosed

The Vancity Original® x Ormando's Pizza collab long sleeve tee drops Saturday, January 12th online and in store at Dipt 819 Hornby Street Vancouver and at F As In Frank 418 Queen Street W. Toronto.

Ormando's Pizza