Posted by Vancity Street on 16th Feb 2020


Going out on a Wednesday? REUP is the place to be. Looking for that perfect Tuesday date night? Emotions Open Mic, OBVI. Getting FVDED in the Park? Not without Blueprint Events' expertise. Looking for the Vancouver Fashion Week of the streets...? Have you ever been to Vancity Street?

NEWS FLASH. The creation of local culture movements are at an all time high.

Creators understand its beyond creating pieces: it's about creating experiences for their pieces to live...breathe. A shift in the breeze even has bigger players following suit. Companies like The Vancity Original ® Brand recognize that the authenticity of building community is something that we need. In the height of an era dominated by social media and ad campaigns, they recognize that the clever sales pitch gets...less clever and more than ever before, authenticity speaks.

You tell us: are you inspired by the "Buy one V-neck T and get your next one 50% off'? Or does your interest peek when you hear that every design off of The Vancity Original ® Brand's new 'Vancity Locals Department' is an opportunity for local creators to live their purpose with the help of their team?

The Vancity Original® Brand takes pride in building relationships with true Vancity originals in fashion, music & events.

When you saw your fav touring artist at Fortune Sound and saw limited edition T's, did you ever think to ask who might have made it?  Welcome to the The Vancity Original® Brand. But that's old news. Something new rang crystal clear after talking shop in their Chinatown office at the end of 2019. They were ready to do more. But true to its name...the big question remained: how could the Vancity Original Brand contribute something completely...original?

Vancity Street Week. An underground platform for local designers, singers, rappers, dancers, artists and vendors to showcase their work in a series of runway shows & live entertainment.

This opportunity is a chalice of inspiration. It is exactly what the local creator needs. The ripple of that wave goes beyond our special week but as our capacity for care grew beyond the confines of runway, a looming elephant grew with it:

The Vancity Original® Brand presents The Vancity Locals Department.

An opportunity to collab with their creative team is to many....a dream. But let's be honest, we all have more than one dreamThe Vancity Locals Department offers collaboration opportunities but most importantly: a platform for select creators to be seen by an audience carefully built on a desire to rep vancity creativity. Select creators can stock & sell merchandise on The Vancity Original ® Brand digital platform. They even have shelf space at the infamous Downtown retail space, Dipt. Amazing opportunity? Yes. But one more thing makes The Vancity Locals Department...original.

The Vancity Original® Brand knows a Vancity original when they see one. And a true Vancity Original supports Vancity's originals.

Why? Because they see an opportunity. Word on Vancity Street is that we are ready to scheme bigger, work harder...because let's cut the crap: we're stronger together. More impactful. Aligned? The opportunities are endless and beyond business...what about purpose? And our purpose is helping you connect others with your purpose. 

The Vancity Locals Department by The Vancity Original® Brand has officially opened it's doors to local creatives & designers in streetwear. One question remains. Are you a Vancity original?

XOXO. Your friendly neighborhood,