Vancity® Pride One Of Kind Overalls By Ciji Greene

by Vancity Original®

Vancity Original® represents Vancouver, a city we see as a progressive and inclusive city and one in which we strive to connect directly with the community by showing our support for everyone in the community.

Once again we have teamed up with fashion designer, Ciji Greene, one of the most creative individuals we have ever worked with, to add a spicy addition to our classic UnDMC Pride collection consisting of tees, tanks and trucker hats.

We literally gave her a blank canvas in the form of white painters overalls and she magically transformed each one into one of a kind works of art anyone would wear with Pride.

These Vancity® Pride one of a kind overalls will be available for purchase on Friday, August 3rd in store at Dipt, located at 819 Hornby Street in Vancouver.  Only 4 pairs available and each pair is not the same. A great collector's item.

Happy Pride Vancity!!!

Big up to the crew for coming out to shoot! 

designer/stylist Ciji Greene @tinkerhelll


photography @devonsmind

Vancity® Pride Collection