Jungle's World Presents: VANCITY UNCHAINED 

Premiering an exclusive apparel collection and art show in honour of Chinese New Year ft. art by Cesar Martinez El Diablo in collaboration w/Vancity Original Brand and Fortune Sound Club. Limited prints, patches, tees and premium goods are available at Dipt 819 Hornby Street in Vancouver or click here to shop the collection now. 


When Cesar Martinez "El Diablo" and Justin "Jungle" Jung were brought together, their initial conception of this project was intended to represent Vancouver's clash of cultures. Cesar Martinez, who is of Mexican origin, and Justin Jung, a Chinese Canadian, both with great talents in art, design and production, embarked on a journey to create something necessary for the Vancouver art scene. Cesar's amazing illustrations rapidly evolved from a wide range of cultural influences into something that represents the versatility of the Chinese community that embraced him. A 5 piece collection of prints would soon transpire loaded with punk rock influence and a creed you can't miss. 脫離鉫鎖


Cesar Martinez is an illustrator and Art Director now living in Vancouver. After working in the advertisement industry for a number of years, he founded an animation studio and brought in a wide range of clients ranging from Nike and Axe, to liquor brands such as Jose Cuervo and Smirnoff. His latest client work include big names in the EDM industry, such as Kill The Noise and Boombox Cartel. While his work is not defined by any particular graphic style, you may notice subtle and often obscure punk and rock n roll references from different eras. As an illustrator and music lover, he is always seeking to connect any form of music as an inspiration or a subtle homage. You could say that without music his work wouldn’t exist.

Please contact Justin Jung at for any Vancity Unchained art inquiries.